Color Trends of 2022

These trends have been created by color experts from the paint industry’s leading manufacturers. Take a look at what is trending now.

SW 9130 Evergreen Fog

Sherwin-Williams: Color of the Year 2022

SW 9109 Natural Linen


SW 7029 Agreeable Gray


OC-17 White Dove

Benjamin Moore

1495 October Mist

Benjamin Moore: Color of the Year 2022

OC-108 Pale Moon

Benjamin Moore

AF-565 Mysterious

Benjamin Moore

SW 6554 Lite Lavender


SW 7598 Sierra Redwood


How do you select the right painting contractor?

When selecting a painting contractor, the estimate process is more important then the overall cost. Your experience during the estimating process will dictate the type of service and quality you’re investing in.   Estimates should provide the details for the preparation, application and clean-up process. The “how” and not just the cost is important, this knowledge of your investment should be expected and not left as a guessing game. If these details have been omitted and have you guessing, trust your instincts and entrust in a different painting contractor.  

Why does the color look different?

You want to take the next step when deciding paint colors and apply a minimum of two coats to the existing wall surface of rooms to be painted. The “true” color can look different once fully dry due to the natural and structural lighting of the room. 

Things to Consider:

  • The lighting in the room.
  • The undertones of the actual color.
  • Any furniture/decor in the room.
  • The sheen difference from the sample versus the final finish paint.
  • Quality of paint.

How do I take off wallpaper/wall covering?

Before you cost yourself additional money by puncturing the wall with a scoring tool or spraying fast acting ready-to-use liquid wallpaper stripper, try using a cost friendly and natural way to “steam” right by. By utilizing steaming, a non-chemical” and water “only” process; children and pets are kept safe, and potential damage to flooring and furniture is no longer a potential cost to clean or replace. 

Should I purchase expensive brushes and rollers?

The cost for purchasing good brushes and roller covers should be perceived as an investment in your time and where you call home. Paying more for quality pays off when you are ensuring a higher absorbance rate of paint, straighter lines and decreasing “shedding” (Bristles from the brushes.)